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Tips for a Zero Waste lifestyle

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Tips for a Zero Waste lifestyle

Don't try and do everything at once. Try starting with something simple like taking your own bags to the shops and not using the plastic ones for fruit and veg. Then once you've mastered remembering to take your bags with you, try something else!

Visit a farmers market (with your bags!) and buy only what you need. This will not only reduce the amount of plastic waste from packaging but also food waste.
Swap single-use disposables with reusables. Disposables such as tissues, straws, cotton balls,
coffee cups, plastic water bottles, cling wrap can easily be replaced with reusable versions.

Do a trash audit. Go through your rubbish and see where you can make changes to the amount of waste that you're producing.
Zero Waste living can help you save money, lead a simpler life and feel good about yourself for doing something to help the environment.
Don't forget to share what you've learnt on your journey with others so they can be inspired to do the same.


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Raymond Cromwell

Fantastic tips for a zero waste lifestyle! Practical and easy to incorporate. Excited to take these steps toward a more sustainable way of living!

Raymond Cromwell
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