Sustainable Practices

Zero Waste Co. adheres to sustainable practices that impact the environment, no matter how small it may seem. Practices that aim to reduce personal and societal effects on the environment, particularly those that contribute to climate change and other environmental concerns.


Sustainable Ethics

We at Zero Waste Co. observe sustainable ethics. This means we view our planet as if its resources are limited, therefore we find ways to conserve the resources we have, allowing us and the generations to come to continue the use of said resources economically and wisely. By doing so, we are reducing our carbon footprint on the planet, letting the planet slowly recover.

Partnering with suppliers and companies who are eco friendly and have the same values as ours is one of the ways we adhere to a sustainable ethic. We manufacture and carry products that use sustainable materials and are recycled or converted into energy. We would love to partner with companies that give a portion of their earnings to any environmental efforts.


Sustainable Materials

All products that Zero Waste Co. carries are eco friendly and where possible plastic free. They’re all reusable, recyclable, and help reduce waste, like corn starch that’s no longer fit for consumption, PLA, and PBAT. Products that use non-toxic materials so as not to have a negative effect on the environment such as silicone and products that are BPA free. We’re happy to say that we have the world’s first compostable tape made from predominantly sustainable raw materials.

Our eco friendly products come from all over the world and wherever we can they are made in Australia. Technology has allowed us to make products like detergent and soap, stationery products like pencils, folders, erasers, diapers, biodegradable bags, cups, plates, and other utensils, haircare products, and cosmetics from natural and biodegradable materials. By having products that help reduce our carbon imprint on the planet, we’re on our way to sustainable living that will help our planet renew itself and breathe again.


Sustainable Living

Being eco friendly and environmentally conscious will give us a better world to live in. Technology has given us the means to manufacture products that will not harm the environment. Let’s do our share to contribute to a plastic free and eco friendly planet by living a sustainable lifestyle. Let’s give our children and the generations to come a legacy built on protecting the environment.