Zero Waste = Sustainable Living

Zero Waste and Sustainable Living are concepts that complement each other. Zero Waste activities aim to send nothing or as little as possible to a landfill, while Sustainable Living involves activities using less of Earth’s natural resources, replacing what we can, and reducing polluting waste. Both concepts help lessen the impact of environmental damage on the planet.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse, Rot

These are the 3Rs that we believe can easily be done by any individual: Reducing the amount of waste we produce, Reusing the items we already have, and Recycling items that can be repurposed. But there are two more Rs that we can do: Refuse and Rot.

Refuse simply means saying no to a lot of free items that become instant waste, such as disposable coffee cups, straws, plastic utensils, and the like. Rot means turning your food scraps and other organic materials into compostable materials for your garden, flowerbed, soil, etc.

All of these activities contribute to Zero Waste lifestyle and Sustainable Living.


Sustainable Living

You might note that while the 5Rs help lessens the impact of waste on the environment, it also creates a lifestyle of sustainable living. That’s because you now find alternatives for an environmental and eco friendly way of living, i.e., alternative sources of renewable energy, transport, food, etc. Alternatives that are brought about by our concern for our environment.

So, we now have sustainable energy sources like solar energy (for our solar-powered houses, etc.); sustainable transport where walking, cycling, and use of public transport like buses, trains, and ferries help reduce gas emissions; sustainable food where you grow your own fruits and vegetables or buy local and in-season; sustainable buildings where the structures are made of recycled materials and sustainable wood instead of PVCs.

There are many ways to reduce waste to zero and other alternatives for sustainable living to conserve our natural resources and protect the environment, to lessen the impact of our carbon footprint on the planet. You can trust Zero Waste Co. to offer products that are biodegradable, plastic free, eco friendly, and most of all, support a sustainable lifestyle.