Zero Pack ABA Certified 100% Compostable, biodegradable Bubble Wrap

$ 208.95


375mm x 100m 500mm x 100m 500mm wide in multiples of 1m

Zero Pack ABA Certified 100% Compostable, biodegradable Bubble Wrap

$ 208.95
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🌿 Made from plants
📋Certified Home Compostable to AU/EU/US standards
🌟 Premium gloss finish
📃 Apply your existing shipping labels directly to the mailer.
💧 Waterproof to keep shipments safe from the weather.
💪 Tough, durable and awesome!
🌱 Tree planted with each order
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375mm x 100m 500mm x 100m 500mm wide in multiples of 1m


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Yep, you read that right! Compostable Bubble Wrap!!

This stuff is amazing! And it's only available here at Zero Waste Co!

It works just like plastic bubble wrap, but it has no plastic!

Better than hex wrap as it won't go soft when wet and doesn't crumble under the slightest pressure like paper.

The pockets of air keep your products safe just like traditional bubble wrap and you only need to wrap your products once not two or three times like "paper wrap"!

Made from the same materials as our legendary Zero Pack compostable mailers, these rolls of bubble wrap are 100% compostable.

This isn't like other "green" bubble wraps, our compostable bubble wrap is certified 100% compostable by the ABA and doesn't contain any nasty plastic like other biodegradable bubble wraps. When our bubble wrap breaks down it leaves behind no nasty chemicals or micro-plastics.

You can now purchase your favourite bubble wrap in multiple 1-metre lengths. Just select the quantity as the number of metres you would like and we will cut it to your desired length (max 100m).

It is a 100% biodegradable, home-compostable (certified by the ABA) bubble wrap and is made from PBAT (a copolymer that is completely biodegradable and compostable) and PLA (which is a fancy way of saying corn starch).

It looks and feels just like plastic, but it's not. Not even close. But, for those fans, it still pops when you squeeze them!!

Download our product brochure here.

Achieving the home compostable certification means they completely break down to CO2, water and biomass within 24 weeks in a home composting environment - leaving no toxins or nasty substances behind.

Make sure that you store them in a cool dry place at 20-25 degrees Celsius to maintain a maximum shelf-life of 12-18 months. 

The standard bubble diameter is 9mm

If you're not sure and you'd like to check them out first you can always order a free sample here!


OK Home Compost - European certification for home compostable packaging
OK Compost Industrial - European certification for industrially compostable packaging
ABA Home Compost - Australasian certification for home compostable packaging
ABA Industrial - Australasian certification for industrially compostable packaging
ASTM D6400the American Society for Testing and Materials for compostability

Don't be caught out by that nasty biodegradable stuff that has chemicals added to it so that it can degrade in the environment. It's basically just plastic with more nastiness added to it to make it "eco-friendly" when it really isn't.

If it doesn't say that it's 100% compostable and is certified by the ABA and or the TUV (the global leader in compostable certification), then it's not truly eco-friendly!

Help the Environment Through Reusable and Compostable Bubble Wrap

Compostable bubble wrap doesn’t fill up landfills and is not detrimental to our oceans. Buy our sustainable products and feel good about helping our environment and planet by using zero-waste products.

Compostable products FAQ

Like to know more about our compostable mailers, labels, bubble wrap, etc?

All of our compostable Zero Pack mailers, bubble wrap, labels, ZeroWrap, ZeroTape and other packaging solutions are all certified according to any or all of the following:




This means that every single one of our 100% compostable products are exactly that, 100% compostable, either home compostable or industrial compostable.

To find out more about compostable products check out this article about greenwashing.


What are they made from?

Our compostable mailers, bubble wrap, packaging and ZeroWrap are all made from corn starch (corn that is no longer fit for consumption), PLA (Polylactide, which is made from waste corn too and other plants) and PBAT (Polybutyrate Adipate Terephthalate). Even the ink is made from non-toxic materials which means that they are even safe to go in a worm farm!

Our compostable tape is a world first and is made from predominantly sustainable raw materials: The carrier is made from renewable or recyclable material and coated with natural rubber adhesive, by monta in Germany. The product core for all current and future Green line tapes is made from recycled paper, the shipping carton and label are FSC certified and therefore 100% sustainable.

Our compostable labels are made from paper and the adhesive is made from a high percentage of renewable materials and are certified EN13432 compostable.

All these products have been certified 100% compostable. Check out our range here.


Where can I compost them?

If you don't have your own compost setup at home, consider checking out starting your own. Australian residents can even save up to 80% through their local council. Check it out here

If that's not an option for you you can start one through your workplace by teaming up with PlanetArk or at home with your local neighbourhood with ShareWaste. Otherwise, find a local compost facility with PlanetArk.



How different are they to plastic mailers?

The compostable material looks and feels just like plastic! In fact it's even a little bit stretchy as well and can also be written on with markers (just make sure they're non-toxic!)

They have all the benefits of plastic with none of the nasty stuff! They're tough, durable, waterproof, writeable and tear-resistant.


How long do they take to break down?

Our home compostable products will break down in a home compost environment in 90-180 days and if it is industrially compostable then it will break down within 90 days in a commercial compost environment.

They have to meet these requirements to be certified.


How long is the shelf-life of them?

Our compostable products should always be kept in a cool dry place. The optimum temperature for them is around 20-25 degrees Celsius. Humidity and moisture will speed up the composting process so make sure to keep them cool and dry in storage.

When looked after they will last around 12-18 months.

But don't worry, they won't start to disintegrate in your hands! Just like us they start to get wrinkly when they're old!!

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