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Woolworths leading the way in compostable bags for fruit and veg in South Australia


Woolworths leading the way in compostable bags for fruit and veg in South Australia

On the 13th of April 2022, Woolworths launched its compostable fruit and vegetable bags in stores across South Australia.

This is something that we at Zero Waste Co. (and we're sure others as well) have been waiting a long time to see! Finally a major company (Woolworths) has taken the leap and introduced compostable bags in their stores! You no longer have to feel guilty about ripping one of those awful plastic bags off their rolls when gathering your fruit and veg. You can now simply grab a compostable bag, guilt free. We noticed that they are also sending out their fruit and veg in these compostable bags when you order online as well.

The abiity to make compostable bags has been around for a long time now, so it's great to see them finally in supermarkets and we look forward to seeing them Australia-wide and in all supermarkets and grocery stores.


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With around 80 per cent of South Australian households having access to council-provided organic bins, compostable alternatives offer an effective way to reduce plastic waste.

The new bags are designed to be used as liners in council-provided food scrap ‘kitchen caddies’. Customers can check with their local council to find out whether their kerbside collection services include composting (Woolworths, 2022).

Woolworths recently trialled the compostable fruit and vegetable bags in a small number of South Australian stores, receiving positive feedback from customers. More than 75 per cent of those surveyed during the trial said it was important that Woolworths provide compostable bags to customers (Woolworths, 2022).



Image source: Woolworths.
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