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Recycling around Australia


Recycling around Australia

Transforming Waste into Wealth: The Journey of Recycling in Australia



We've been focussing on recycling symbols lately and we're almost at the end of the recycling numbers (we've got two left!) so we thought we'd do a post about where you can recycle some of these items that you shouldn't really put in your recycle bin. Unfortunately, a lot of items in Australia that go into the recycling bins do not actually end up being recycled! It is a great shame as we think that we are doing the right thing, only for these items to end up in landfill after all our hard work sorting and cleaning them ready to be recycled.

So with that in mind, there are ways that you can make sure that your plastics, etc do actually get recycled. This is because there are two main companies in Australia that their business is all about recycling.

If you want to make sure that your items are recycled then visit:



With TerraCycle (by the way, they are global too) you can recycle all sorts of plastic items that should not go into your recycle bin. They take toothbrushes, contact lenses (and the packets), coffee pods and more! You can send in your items when you have collected enough and they will recycle them for you! They also have business solutions too!

RecyclingNearYou by PlanetArk are a great resource for all recycling information.


For now and the foreseeable future plastic is a part of our lives that one day we will hopefully be rid of, but until then we have these guys!!


Australia has fully embraced the culture of recycling, with the nation leading the way in sustainable waste management. As the world's waste continues to escalate, recycling seems to be the most feasible solution, and Australia is keenly exploring this golden opportunity. Amid numerous recyclable materials, plastics have particularly presented a significant potential to boost Australia's recycling industry.

Plastic recycling in Australia involves a series of processes including collection, sorting, washing, shredding, classifying, and manufacturing. Specialized recycling facilities have been established across the major cities, with dedicated teams tirelessly working to ensure that plastic waste finds a new lease of life. Unlike most countries, where plastics recycling is merely an afterthought, Australia has made it a crucial part of its national waste management strategy.

The country's recycling drive is motivated by the environmental need to reduce plastic pollution and the economic incentive of creating a sustainable and circular economy. Australia acknowledges the harsh reality that plastic, if not managed responsibly, can be a environmental blight. However, they also understand that when recycled, plastic can become a valuable resource, turning what was once waste into a reusable material, hence the country's relentless pursuit of recycling practices.


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