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Plastic Free July comes to an end


Plastic Free July comes to an end

As we come to the end of another plastic-free July we should take the time out to reflect on the changes that we have made this month, and if you haven't had the chance to make any changes that's ok too! Because you are reading this it means that reducing your plastic waste is something that you are thinking about and that's a good thing as it's the first step and we know you'll get there soon!

But, if you want a bit of inspiration you should watch this documentary called "Drowning in plastic" from 2018. It's a very powerful documentary and can be a huge eye-opener to the all too real damage that plastic is doing and some of the great solutions that brilliant minds out there are coming up with to stop the need and use of plastic.

We recommend watching it if you haven't seen it. But, please be aware that it may not be totally suitable for children as there are some disturbing images.


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