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Equinor bails out of plan to drill in the Great Australian Bite


Equinor bails out of plan to drill in the Great Australian Bite

Equinor has bailed on plans to drill in the Great Australian Bite.

What fantastic news!!

We've stopped another oil giant from ruining our home.

Norwegian Oil giant Equinor announced on Tuesday that it is not going to proceed with planned oil exploration in the Great Australian Bite as it "is not commercially competitive".

Equinor released a short statement saying the decision came after a "holistic review of its exploration portfolio".



Cliffs at the Great Australian Bight. Source: Getty

This is a massive win for the Australian people and our wildlife! 

For the First Nations people who have called this area home for more than 60,000 years. For the tight-knit coastal communities whose way of life was at risk. For the unique and magical marine life threatened like never before. For the fishing and tourism industries who depend on a clean and healthy Bight. 

And for the hundreds of thousands of people like you, who stood with them, and spoke up. You made this happen.

It just goes to show what we can achieve when we stand together as a united front against big companies.

Equinor's country manager for Australia Jone Stangeland said the project's potential "is not commercially competitive".

"We will engage with the federal and state authorities regarding our decision to discontinue the exploration program," Mr Stangeland said.

He said the company "hold[s] an exploration permit offshore Western Australia and will maintain other ongoing interests and activities in Australia".


Sources: SBS, Greenpeace.


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